I screen all of my new friends for my safety. Please take the time to do one of the following…

Option 1. ** Preferred Method:
Please send me a private message using your current username/handle through one of the following:

Option 2. Web Form
Please use and fill out my secure booking form and be sure to provide at least two references from providers who currently advertise. 

Appointment Etiquette:

Before we meet, please have donation discreetly in an envelope in the bathroom. Upon arrival, if the donation is not in the bathroom I will kindly dismiss myself.

I do not speak about donations in person or over the phone. If mentioned, I will assume you did not read this and I will NOT see you!
Please call me at least 3-4 hours before our meeting to confirm. If you do not call, I will assume our plans have been cancelled.

     Please give me a call at 7024275963. You can also email me at 69supersexy@gmail.com

    I return all phone calls and respond to all emails within 48 hours.


Appointment Requests:
Open My Secure Booking Form

Companion References:
Open Reference Request Form